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Policy Address

Pilot Green Transport Fund

118.     Land and sea transport are the second largest sources of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.  To encourage the transport sector to test out green and low-carbon transport means and technology, the Government plans to set up a $300 million Pilot Green Transport Fund this year for application by the transport trade.

Improving Water Quality in Victoria Harbour

119.     To improve the water quality of Victoria Harbour, we have further allocated about $17 billion for the full-speed construction of relevant facilities.  Upon completion in 2014, the facilities will treat the remaining untreated sewage, about  450 000 cubic metres a day, discharged from Hong Kong Island. This will substantially improve the water quality of our harbour.  In parallel, we have advanced the construction of some disinfection facilities to improve the water quality in the western part of the harbour and the beaches in Tsuen Wan.  We expect to re-open some of the Tsuen Wan beaches next year.  In the coming few months, we will finalise our plans and discuss the preparatory work with the District Councils.





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