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Policy Address

Ban on Trawling

120.     In recent years, Hong Kong's marine environment has been affected by pollution and capture fisheries, resulting in a declining quality of fish catches.  To protect our precious marine resources and ecology, we will implement a basket of management measures such as banning trawling in Hong Kong waters through legislation in order to restore our seabed and marine resources as early as possible.  We plan to introduce legislation into this Council next year.  To assist the fishermen affected, we will launch a voluntary trawler buyout scheme, and grant an ex-gratia allowance to eligible fishermen.  The Secretary for Food and Health will later announce the details of the scheme.

121.     Meanwhile, we will provide training and technical support for affected fishermen to help them switch to other sustainable fishing operations, including aquaculture and leisure fishing.  Some fishing vessels bought under the voluntary scheme will be processed for use as artificial reefs to enrich fishery resources and improve the marine ecology.  I believe these measures are conducive to the sustainable development of the fisheries industry.





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