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Policy Address

Political Talent

155.     For democracy to bring about good governance and benefit our people, political talent is of the utmost importance.  The political appointment system introduced in 2002 was expanded in 2007 with the new positions of Under Secretary and Political Assistant.  Despite some early criticisms, it has been effective in enhancing the political capacity of the Government, and has helped nurture political talent.  We believe in creating a diverse pool of political talent consisting of political party members, academics, business people, professionals and elite civil servants.  To attract more people from different sectors to take up political appointment, we need to consider more flexible arrangements such as a “revolving door”.

The Civil Service

156.     An effective government relies not only on political talent, but also on a professional and highly efficient civil service.  Civic awareness among the public has been increasing, leading to rising demands and expectations on the Government.  Our civil servants have carried on their fine tradition and remained as dedicated as ever to their duties.  They have spared no effort to deliver quality services to the people of Hong Kong and pursue excellence.  Their commitment to serving our people and their spirit of putting people first are for all to see.

157.     The professionalism of our civil servants was most evident in the Ma Tau Wai Road building collapse incident early this year and the Manila hostage incident in August.  On both occasions, the civil service responded promptly with strong teamwork, urgently mobilising manpower to assist the victims and their families, and handled these rare emergencies professionally. The officers' hard work and devotion to duty won the trust and recognition of the public.  I firmly believe that our civil servants will keep up their efforts in the face of challenges.





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