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Policy Address

Sustainable Built Environment

40.       The Government is committed to enhancing the design standard of new buildings to foster a quality and sustainable built environment for our next generation.  In light of the recommendations of the Council for Sustainable Development, the Government will introduce a series of measures, requiring the incorporation of such design elements as building separation or enhancement of building permeability, setback and greenery in new buildings.  To widely promote green building in Hong Kong, we will raise the building energy efficiency standards and require developers to provide environmental and energy consumption information of buildings for the reference of potential users.

Controlling “Inflated Buildings”

41.       The Government's purpose of allowing private buildings to increase floor area to include green and amenity features is to enhance the living environment of private buildings.  In recent years, there have been community concerns about developers using this concessionary policy to substantially increase the floor area of buildings, which has given rise to the so-called “inflated building” problem. After a review, we have decided to tighten the policy.  Major changes include doing away with concessions for certain features, lowering the level of concessions for car parks, balconies, utility platforms and clubhouse facilities, and imposing an overall cap of 10% for a number of features which still qualify for concession.  We will also reduce the maximum permissible area of bay windows.

42.       We believe that this package will strike a proper balance between fulfilling environment performance and comfort requirements of buildings on the one hand, and minimising the impact on the surrounding environment as far as possible on the other.  It will also ensure room for creativity in Hong Kong's building designs.





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