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Policy Address

Building Safety

43.       The building collapse in Ma Tau Wai Road last January aroused public concern about the rising problem of ageing buildings.  The Government has completed a comprehensive review of the existing measures to improve building safety.  We will provide resources to the executive agencies to launch measures in the shortest time, adopting a multi-pronged approach, to enhance building safety through legislation, enforcement, public education and support for building owners.

44.       We will introduce legislation to tackle the problems of building dilapidation and unauthorised building works (UBWs), including “sub-divided units”, which have drawn widespread concern in the community.  Also, we will better handle public complaints and step up enforcement action against UBWs.  In addition, we will work with the HKHS and URA to provide comprehensive assistance to building owners who lack organisational ability or financial resources.  Having said that, every member of the public has a role to play in building safety.  Apart from urging owners to take up their responsibilities to properly maintain their properties, we will also encourage owners, tenants, building attendants and the general public to report potentially dangerous buildings, with a view to raising public awareness about old building repair.





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