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Policy Address

Assisting New Arrivals and Ethnic Minorities

63.       Various government departments have been providing a range of services to help new arrivals adapt to their new environment as soon as possible and help ethnic minorities integrate into our society. The Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs will lead a dedicated team to step up and co-ordinate efforts in this regard.  The team will monitor closely the service needs of new arrivals during the adaptation period and the difficulties faced by ethnic minorities in daily life, so as to ensure that the support services can meet their needs.  Moreover, the team will enhance collaboration with non-government organisations and district organisations to facilitate the early integration of new arrivals and ethnic minorities into the local community.

Overall Strategy

64.       Short-term benefits offered by the Government cannot bridge the wealth gap.  They are only relief measures for exceptional times.  The Government mainly employs a three-pronged strategy to address the issue of poverty.  First comes investment in education, which facilitates poverty alleviation through social mobility.  Next comes employment support, which includes enhancing the quality of the workforce and ensuring reasonable wage levels for workers.  Finally, there is social welfare.  Assistance is given to families in need to help them cope with difficulties and maintain a reasonable standard of living.





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