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Policy Address

Healthcare Financing

78.   In view of our ageing population and rising medical costs, the public generally believes that the Government needs to enhance the sustainability of the healthcare system, but has reservations about introducing any supplementary healthcare financing scheme of a mandatory nature at this stage.  Public opinion largely favours voluntary participation in private health insurance.

79.   To further the healthcare reform, the Food and Health Bureau has put forward proposals for a voluntary Health Protection Scheme in the second stage public consultation just launched.  The objective of the scheme is to provide the public with wider choices and better protection through government-regulated private health insurance and healthcare services. The Government will consider using the $50 billion earmarked for supporting healthcare reform to provide incentives for the public to join the scheme early, and subsidise the future healthcare protection of participants.

Regulation of Pharmaceutical Products

80.       In the coming years, we will strengthen the regulatory regime of Chinese and Western medicines.  We are implementing all 75 recommendations of the Review Committee on Regulation of Pharmaceutical Products in Hong Kong.  The legislation on proprietary Chinese medicines will come into effect in phases from the end of this year.  We will actively engage the industry to work out a timetable for mandatory compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice for the manufacture of proprietary Chinese medicines.





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