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Policy Address

The Underprivileged

Rehabilitation Services

81.       To meet the increasing demand for rehabilitation services, the Government will provide additional places for pre-school, day and residential rehabilitation services.  We will put in place other measures to enhance services, including continuing to implement the Pilot Scheme on Home Care Service for Persons with Severe Disabilities and preparing for the introduction of a licensing scheme for residential care homes for people with disabilities.

Assistance to Autistic Children

82.       We will endeavour to provide early identification, assessment and treatment for autistic children to ensure that they receive appropriate care and support during their development.

83.       On healthcare services, to enhance our support for more autistic children, the Hospital Authority will strengthen the professional team comprising child psychiatrists, paediatricians, clinical psychologists, nurses, speech therapists and occupational therapists.  They will also provide parents and carers of autistic children with more information to enhance their understanding of autism and the treatment needs of these children.

84.       The Social Welfare Department (SWD) will increase places for pre-school early intervention service and training for autistic children. The SWD's medical social services will also be strengthened to dovetail with the services of the Hospital Authority.

85.       On the education front, a pilot scheme will be launched in ordinary primary and secondary schools to improve autistic students' communication, emotion management and learning skills to facilitate their studies.





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