Policy Address

Invigorating Island South

109. In light of our past experience, we propose to implement the Invigorating Island South initiative to develop the Southern District into a place full of vibrancy, vigour and velocity for people to work, live, explore new ideas and have fun.

110. In the past, owing to road and transport infrastructure constraints, there was no clear development positioning for the Southern District on Hong Kong Island. With the commissioning of the MTR South Island Line (East) in 2016, the connectivity of Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau with other districts has been enhanced. The beautiful natural landscapes, pleasant sea and land scenery, well-known attractions such as Ocean Park, four country parks, a number of beaches and a marine reserve, as well as rich historical and cultural resources, all underline the great potential of the Southern District.

111. The Invigorating Island South initiative being contemplated includes the following key projects:

  1. formulating a proposal for the rebirth of Ocean Park, with emphasis on enhancing and leveraging its strengths in education and conservation, making use of its natural landscape, strategic seaside location and the Water World which will open next summer to offer diversified entertainment, leisure and travel experiences;
  2. revitalising the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, which is a historic landmark in Hong Kong. The owner of the floating restaurant has recently agreed to donate it to Ocean Park at no cost. The Government will facilitate the collaboration between Ocean Park and NGOs for the rebirth of the floating restaurant in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter on a non-profit-making basis, so that it will become a distinctive cultural heritage and tourist attraction in the Southern District;
  3. enhancing the cultural and leisure facilities in the vicinity of Aberdeen and Wong Chuk Hang, including the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, Aberdeen Promenade and Ap Lei Chau Main Street to enable members of the public and visitors to immerse in the ambience, history and culture of a fishing village and enjoy eco-tourism in the area;
  4. exploring new marine tourism routes by taking advantage of the district’s seaside location with Ocean Park as the core to link up with other districts and islands, as well as exploring the expansion of the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter area and the vessel berthing area as well as providing more landing facilities along the coastal area;