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Vocational and Professional Education and Training

122. We will, through the strategy of fostering industry-institution collaboration and diversified development, promote VPET as a pathway parallel to conventional academic education, providing diversified learning and employment opportunities for young people. We will:

  1. expand the Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/ Sectors – To meet the keen manpower demand of designated industries (e.g. nursing and information technology), the respective numbers of subsidised places for self-financing higher diploma programmes and undergraduate programmes will be increased in phases by 1 000 and 2 000 per cohort respectively starting from the next academic year, increasing the total number of places from the existing 5 000 to 8 000. Top-up degree programmes will be covered for the first time and priority will be accorded to programmes of applied nature that involve industry-institution collaboration;

  2. explore the introduction of more applied degree programmes – The first batch of programmes under the Pilot Project on the Development of Applied Degree Programmes have been launched in the current academic year, covering four disciplines: nursing; testing and certification; horticulture, arboriculture and landscape management; and gerontology. We are actively exploring the introduction of more applied degree programmes;

  3. expedite the development of Vocational Qualifications Pathway (VQP) – We will increase the number of industries adopting the VQP under the Qualifications Framework from 6 to at least 18 in the next five years;

  4. launch the Diploma of Applied Education (DAE) Programme – The DAE Programme will be launched on a regular basis starting from the next academic year, incorporating substantial VPET elements and providing a pathway for Secondary Six school leavers as well as adult learners to obtain a formal qualification;

  5. enrich applied learning and workplace experience of secondary students – We will enhance the senior secondary applied learning courses by offering more course options and support, and launch the Business-School Partnership Programme 2.0 with more business partners covering more industries; and

  6. enhance VPET promotion – We will organise an array of activities to enhance the public's positive understanding of VPET and promote its professional image, including supporting the Vocational Training Council to organise the "Future Skills Community Event" this December to make VPET an attractive progression pathway.