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Policy Address

National Education

123. We will enhance the adoption of a multi-pronged and co-ordinated approach in schools to promote national education within and beyond the classroom, so as to strengthen students' sense of national identity and national pride, and raise their awareness to safeguard the national security of our country together. From the current school year, we will:

  1. support teaching and learning – Schools are encouraged to regularly review the primary and junior secondary school curricula and enrich them with learning elements such as the history and geography of our country;

  2. strengthen school-based management – The "enhanced School Development and Accountability framework" will be implemented to bolster the accountability of staff in publicly-funded schools in providing quality school education and enhancing the national education through the adoption of a whole-school approach;

  3. organise inter-school national education activities – Government schools will take the lead in adopting a whole-school and joint-school collaborative approach to launch the first edition of "Love Our Home; Treasure Our Country" series of inter-school activities in accordance with the "National Education - Event Planning Calendar" issued by the Education Bureau (EDB) to commemorate key national events, such as the National Day and the National Security Education Day. School sponsoring bodies will also be encouraged to organise inter-school national education activities; and

  4. enhance home-school co-operation – All publicly-funded schools will organise one or more activities relating to national education for parents every year.

124. Moreover, a one-off grant of $60 million will be provided for kindergartens joining the Kindergarten Education Scheme (KES) to organise school-based activities that help students learn Chinese culture from an early age. About 780 publicly-funded primary and secondary schools have established over 2 100 sister school pairs with their Mainland counterparts. Our aim is to increase the number of local schools participating in the Sister School Scheme by 10% within next year. We will also strengthen support for students of post-secondary institutions to participate in the Mainland exchange and experience activities.