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Teaching Profession

125. Teachers are responsible for fostering positive values and a sense of national identity among students, and should therefore possess professional capabilities and uphold professional conduct. To step up the management of the teaching force on various fronts such as appointment, conduct and training, the EDB will:

  1. extend the coverage of the Basic Law Test requirement – Starting from the current school year, newly-appointed regular teachers in all public sector schools are required to pass the Basic Law Test. The requirement will be extended to cover all Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools and kindergartens joining the KES starting from the next school year. The test covers the Basic Law and the National Security Law;

  2. promulgate guidelines on professional conduct – The guidelines to be promulgated within this year will clearly set out the professional conduct and behaviour required of teachers to be role models for students. The EDB will make reference to the guidelines in handling misconduct cases of teachers in a serious manner; and

  3. promote understanding of our country – Newly-joined teachers in publicly-funded schools and teachers aspiring for promotion in public sector schools will be required to participate in the Mainland study tours. Moreover, serving teachers will be offered more Mainland study opportunities to understand the development of our country.