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Policy Address

Broaden Young People's Horizons

133. The Government will work with all sectors of the community on a variety of activities to help young people broaden their horizons, acquire a better understanding of the development of our country and the world, and develop a proper and holistic outlook. For instance, the Hong Kong Laureate Forum will be held for the first time in November 2023. Awardees of the Shaw Prize (some of which include Nobel laureates) and world-renowned distinguished local, Mainland and overseas scientists will be invited to attend the Forum and exchange ideas and experience with young scientific talents from all corners of the world. This international event will help promote local young people's understanding of and interest in science and technology. Subject to the development of the epidemic, the Government will also enhance the breadth and depth of our Mainland and international internship and exchange programmes.

134. Besides, the Government will launch an annual Hong Kong Youth Festival starting next year. Different sectors of the community will be invited to jointly organise a wide spectrum of activities for engaging the youth and helping them develop their potential, enhance their knowledge, share their experience, etc.

135. The Government will regularise the GBA Youth Employment Scheme and encourage participating enterprises to recruit and deploy university graduates from Hong Kong to work in the GBA. Besides, we will continue to provide the young people of Hong Kong with entrepreneurial support and incubation services in the GBA through two funding schemes under the Youth Development Fund, helping them to address initial capital needs for their business.

Housing for Young People

136. To help meeting the housing needs of young people and facilitate their development, we will:

  1. provide more land for the Starter Homes projects – We will again launch the Starter Homes projects in the Land Sale Programme in the next financial year. More Starter Homes projects will help young people realise their home ownership aspirations as more than 85% of past applicants for Starter Homes were aged 40 or below; and

  2. expand the Youth Hostel Scheme (YHS) – The Government will explore ways to increase the supply of youth hostels, including subsidising non-governmental organisations to rent suitable hotels and guesthouses for use as youth hostels, with the target of providing about 3 000 additional hostel places within five years. Youth tenants will be charged rental of about 60% of the market level; in return, they have to commit themselves to providing district or volunteer services to the community. In addition, the Government will identify suitable land sale sites and require developers to set aside a certain number of flats to support the YHS on a pilot basis.