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Tell Good Stories of Hong Kong

143. As an externally-oriented economy, Hong Kong must look for opportunities beyond the city. We have to be adept at telling the world the good stories of Hong Kong, and let Hong Kong shine in the world. With an intricate and volatile international political environment, certain external forces have been deliberately smearing our country and distorting the situation in Hong Kong. We have to present the true picture of Hong Kong to the world and promote our strengths, achievements and opportunities, and that the city is a good place where people can make their dreams come true.

144. In fact, Hong Kong is a free, open and international metropolis connecting with the Mainland and the world. Hong Kong, an international financial, shipping and trade centre, is highly competitive. Hong Kong has numerous "the World's No.1" achievements: the world's freest economy, the easiest place to do business across the globe, the number-one city in air cargo throughput, the largest offshore RMB business centre, etc. It is also the only city in Asia with five universities in the world's top 100. All these clearly demonstrate that Hong Kong has many distinctive advantages that make our people proud.

145. Speaking of the most unique advantage, Hong Kong enjoys strong support of the Motherland while being closely connected to the world under the "One Country, Two Systems". We enjoy a low tax rate, a simple tax regime, a solid foundation of the rule of law and well-developed infrastructure. Hong Kong is well connected with the enormous markets including the Mainland and ASEAN. As a leading financial centre in the world, Hong Kong's stock market is highly active in trading. It is also the leading fund management hub in Asia with free flow of capital and high liquidity. Hong Kong exercises its judicial power independently and is the only common law jurisdiction of our nation.