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146. Hong Kong has a vibrant society. Our people are well educated and our scientific research capabilities have received worldwide recognition time and again. Hong Kong has a productive workforce as well as the longest life expectancy in the world, thanks to our quality medical services. Our civil service is acclaimed for its integrity and efficiency. Hong Kong also enjoys a unique and inclusive cultural diversity, a splendid and diverse mix of eastern and western arts and cultures, and world-class arts, cultural and sports events. Hong Kong's country parks are scenic and rich in biodiversity, which liven up our leisure and recreation activities. With its low crime rate, Hong Kong is also among the world's safest cities.

147. Indeed, Hong Kong has many more good stories to tell, and the Government will take full advantage of community efforts to tell those stories. I and my Principal Officials will lead overseas delegations, including the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting in November and the "Think Business, Think Hong Kong" campaign in Thailand next year organised by the HKTDC. The Financial Secretary will lead a task force, together with a "Hong Kong Team" comprising business leaders, the HKTDC, the HKTB, etc., to visit traditional and emerging markets to rebuild the image and branding of Hong Kong through proactively establishing multilateral ties. The task force will also launch a new visitors' programme, inviting around 1 000 prominent political, business and media leaders from the Mainland and overseas to visit Hong Kong on sponsorship. Tailor-made arrangements will be made, so that these visitors can see for themselves the latest developments in Hong Kong, and bring home the good stories of Hong Kong. In addition, the task force will work on showcasing the strengths of Hong Kong in a more multi-faceted and comprehensive manner via extensive multimedia channels and networks.

148. Government departments and relevant organisations will promote Hong Kong's strengths through diversified activities. The Financial Services Development Council and Invest Hong Kong will launch a global marketing campaign, presenting Hong Kong's prospects and opportunities as a bridge connecting the Mainland and the rest of the world. Radio Television Hong Kong will enhance its cross-media multi-language broadcasting to keep expatriates in Hong Kong as well as people in the Mainland and overseas apprised of the latest developments and appeal of Hong Kong. Our Mainland Offices will encourage and support representatives from our professional fields and sectors to visit the Mainland. Moreover, Hong Kong professional bodies may apply for funding under the Professional Services Advancement Support Scheme to visit the Mainland and overseas countries to promote their professional services, broadening the international perspectives of our professionals, particularly the young generation, and showcasing Hong Kong as a vibrant and thriving city.