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Policy Address

Enhance Governance Capability and Governance Efficacy

Set up the Chief Executive's Policy Unit

20. I will set up the Chief Executive's Policy Unit (CEPU) within this year to enhance our capabilities in research and advocacy on long-term and strategic issues. The CEPU should possess strategic and global perspectives and stay in tune with the local and public pulse, while conducting in-depth studies and analyses on Mainland policies and developments as well as international trends and reporting the outcomes to me. It will also put in place a mechanism for regular internal deliberations to assist the Government in formulating forward-looking policies.

Standing United as One

21. Governance capability of the Government rides on the concerted efforts of leaders and team members. The two must act closely with one another in order to achieve the synergy effect of "one plus one is greater than two", create the greatest value and allow our people to benefit most. I value team spirit, because I understand that even the most competent individual has limitation. Our team members should perform their respective functions, and various departments and their staff should complement each other, while the top echelon should provide steer and intervene proactively to nip problems in the bud. I am pleased that our team acts in concert and shares the same beliefs with me. The Secretaries of Departments and Deputy Secretaries of Departments have been taking an active role in co-ordinating work across bureaux and departments. Directors of Bureaux have also made strenuous efforts in offering constructive policy ideas and suggestions. Working with one heart and one vision, our team is serving the public with assiduity.

22. I have introduced the "red team" concept in our day-to-day decision-making. The "red team" will play the role of critics and opponents to facilitate a thorough review of the effectiveness of policy decisions and execution plans, so as to plug any loopholes and improve the policies.

Be Result-Oriented

23. While pressing ahead with various policy initiatives, the Government should in particular take heed of the need for our people to have a sense of gain and a real taste of the fruits of effective governance. The Government should work in compliance with procedural propriety, and more importantly, be result-oriented. I have set about 110 various indicators (including key performance indicators (KPIs)), as listed in the Annex, for monitoring the progress and effectiveness for specified tasks and making timely improvements. I have also asked all policy bureaux and departments to set more indicators and report them to the LegCo.