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Policy Address

Strengthen the Civil Service Management System

24. To lead Hong Kong in moving ahead, we need a capable government that can deliver results. The civil service being the backbone of Government is the key. To strengthen civil service management, we will:

  1. update the Civil Service Code to clearly spell out the core values and standards of conduct that present-day civil servants should uphold. Civil servants should be dedicated to their duties, be people-oriented, embrace teamwork, and be ready to take up commitment and responsibilities. They should have strong awareness of safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests and put the principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong" into practice;

  2. strengthen the reward and punishment system by launching the "Chief Executive's Award for Exemplary Performance" next year to recognise meritorious and exemplary teams or individuals on a regular basis, with a view to encouraging civil servants to constantly strive for excellence. We will also identify officers with good potential and outstanding performance and provide them with enhanced training and advancement opportunities. For officers whose performance remains persistently sub-standard despite supervision and assistance, their appointment should be terminated in a timely manner. We will enhance the civil service disciplinary mechanism so that appropriate punishment can be promptly imposed in a fair and just manner on officers found to have misconducted themselves;

  3. enhance training for civil servants to build a result-oriented team culture, deepen their understanding of "One Country, Two Systems" and contemporary China and broaden their global perspectives; and

  4. enhance the existing mobilisation protocol by introducing a "government-wide mobilisation" level. Rosters will be drawn up in advance to include designated personnel from various departments, who will stand ready to cope with major incidents that require deployment of considerable manpower. Regular drills will also be conducted to strengthen the Government's emergency response capability.