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Policy Address

IV. Continue to Create Strong Impetus for Growth

25. Hong Kong is one of the most competitive economies in the world. It also serves as an important gateway connecting the Mainland with global markets. We must be more proactive and aggressive in "competing for enterprises" and "competing for talents".

Attract Enterprises, Investment and Talents to Enhance Competitiveness

26. To enhance our competitiveness, the Government will put in place new institutional setups and implement an array of new initiatives targeted at attracting enterprises, investment and talents. We will:

  1. establish the Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises (OASES), led by the Financial Secretary, for attracting strategic enterprises from the Mainland and overseas by offering them special facilitation measures and one-stop services;

  2. establish the Talents Service Unit, led by the Chief Secretary for Administration, for formulating strategies to recruit talents from the Mainland and overseas and co-ordinating relevant work, as well as providing one-stop support for incoming talents;

  3. set up Dedicated Teams for Attracting Businesses and Talents in the Mainland Offices and overseas Economic and Trade Offices (ETOs) of the Government to proactively reach out to target enterprises and talents and persuade them to pursue development in Hong Kong;

  4. set aside $30 billion from the Future Fund to establish the Co-Investment Fund for attracting enterprises to set up operations in Hong Kong and investing in their business;

  5. launch the Top Talent Pass Scheme to widely entice talents to pursue their careers in Hong Kong;

  6. enhance existing talent admission schemes to better attract talents; and

  7. allow eligible incoming talents to, upon becoming permanent residents, apply for a refund of the extra stamp duty paid for purchasing residential property in Hong Kong.