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Policy Address

IX. Closing Remarks

149. The next five years are important for Hong Kong to break new grounds and achieve another leap forward. At a time when the world is undergoing unprecedented changes in a century, Hong Kong faces both opportunities and challenges, but there are more opportunities than challenges. I have full confidence in the future of Hong Kong. The key to success is to seize the opportunities of the times, give our best and enhance our competitiveness. Building on the governing beliefs outlined in my election manifesto, this Policy Address has set out more concrete goals and detailed measures. With the concerted efforts of the governing team and our civil servants at all levels, as well as the support from the community, we will be able to implement all these measures in the Policy Address that are designed for our people, and accomplish what we set out to achieve.

150. Currently, the biggest aspiration of Hong Kong citizens is to have more decent housing, improved care for the elderly, better prospects for the youth in their education and achievements, and more development opportunities in society. Guided by the important speech delivered by President Xi on 1 July as the governance blueprint for the current-term Government, it is our hope to better serve our people and better develop Hong Kong, so that everyone can share the fruits of our achievements. Over the next five years, I look forward to working with you all to build a more promising and united Hong Kong where people enjoy living and working. Together, let us start a new chapter for Hong Kong advancing from stability to prosperity!

Annex: Indicators for Specified Tasks