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  Seizing Opportunities for Development
  Promoting People-based Governance
  A. Introduction 1-4
  B. Seizing Opportunities to Expedite Restructuring 5-41
    A Recovering Economy 10-14
    Capitalising on Our Advantages and Making Continuous Improvements 15
    Continuing Improvements to Business Environment 16-18
    Continuing to Consolidate Core Industries 19
      Financial Services 20
      Producer Services 21
      Logistics 22-24
      Tourism 25-26
    Promoting New Growth 27
      New Opportunities for Manufacturing 28
      New and High-tech Industries 29
      Creative Industries 30
      Local Community Economy 31
      Developing Education and Health Care Industries 32
      International Asset Management 33
      Environmental Improvement 34-35
    Support for Small and Medium Enterprises 36-37
    In Step with Professional Development 38
    Alleviating Deflation 39-40
    Suitably Postponing Elimination of Fiscal Deficit 41
  C. Meeting the Challenges of Globalisation 42-56
    Investing in Education to Keep Up with the Times 43-46
    Promoting Employment and Training 47-52
    Enhancing our Social Capital 53-55
    Summing Up 56
  D. Staying Close to the Community and Improving Governance 57-78
    Enhancing the Principal Officials Accountability System 58-59
    Improving Policy Making Capabilities 60-63
    A Better Grasp of Public Sentiment 64-66
    Strengthening Advisory and Statutory Bodies 67
    Reinforcing Co-operation with the Legislature 68-70
    Enhancing Work in Districts 71
    Attaching Importance to the Middle Class 72-73
    Supporting the Participation of Women 74
    A Proper and Serious Constitutional Review 75-78
  E. Conclusion 79-83
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Last revision date : January 7, 2004