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  Strong Governance
For the People
  Contents   Paragraph
  A. Introduction 1-3
  B. Pursuing Excellence in Governance 4-26
    Vision of Strong Governance 5-10
    Strengthening the Relationship with
the Central Authorities and the Mainland
    Expanding the Executive Council and the
Commission on Strategic Development
    Enhancing Work in Districts 19-21
    Reorganising the Chief Executive’s Office 22

Constitutional Development


Fostering Harmony in the Community

    Upholding Social Justice 29-34
    Encouraging Fair Competition 35-37
    Development of Welfare Services 38-39
    Helping the Needy 40-44
    Cherishing Family Values 45-51
    Protecting Labour Rights 52-58
    Environment and Health 59
       Air 60-63
     Food Safety 64-65
       Medical and Health 66-67
       Treatment of Solid Waste 68
       Improving Water Quality in the Harbour 69-70
  D Helping the Economy to Power Ahead 71-98
    Externally Oriented Economy 74-77
    Our Position as an International Financial Centre 78
       Expanding Renminbi Business 79
    Furthering CEPA 80-81
       Extending the Individual Visit Scheme 82
       Regional Economic Co-operation 83-85
    Optimising Human Resources 86-92
    Continuous Infrastructural Development 93-98
  E Conclusion 99-103

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