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Policy Address
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  Working Together for Economic
Development and Social Harmony
  Contents   Paragraph
  A. Introduction 1
  B. Consolidating Our Achievements and 2-26
    Forging Ahead  
    A Faster Pace of Recovery 2-4
    Shaking Off the Economic Doldrums 5-6
    Experience of the Past Seven Years 7
    Capitalising on Our Unique Advantages 8

Correct Positioning and Strategies


The Spirit of Hong Kong on Full Display

    Staunch Support of the Central Government 12
    Promising Economic Outlook 13
    Inadequacies and Problems 14-16
    Improving Governance 17-18
    Visions for Governance 19-22
    Maintaining Social Harmony 23-25
    Constitutional Development 26
  C. Keeping Close to the Community, 27-68
    Establishing a New Approach  
    Increasing Employment 28-31
       Combating Illegal Employment 32
       Wages and Working Hours 33
    Helping the Poor and Needy 34-35
       Reducing Inter-generational Poverty 36-39
       Family Counselling 40
       Services for the Elderly 41-42
       People with Disabilities 43
       Commission to Alleviate Poverty 44
       Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged 45
       Supporting Social Workers 46
    Environmental Protection 47-54
    Developing Education 55-59
    Municipal Projects 60
    Business Environment 61
    Fair Competition 62
    Goods and Services Tax 63
    Health Care Financing 64-65
    Population Policy 66
    West Kowloon Cultural District 67
    Summing Up 68
  D. Focusing on Promotion of Development 69-96
    Measures to Promote Development 70
       Consolidating the Four Core Industries 71-72
       Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement 73-76
       Promoting Regional Co-operation 77-79
       Facilitating Investment by Mainland Enterprises 80-81
    New Growth Areas for Our Economy 82
       Developing Cultural and Creative Industries 83-89
       Urban Renewal 90-94
       Attracting Talent 95
    Summing Up 96
Conclusion 97-98
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Last revision date : January 12, 2005